【Official】Yugawara Ryokan Toyoko

【Booking privilege from official website】

Private outdoor bath is half price (usually 2,750 yen → 1,375 yen / advance reservation)
Give T points (1%) by T card presentation at checkout.
※Reservation via the Internet only (Telephone reservation impossible)


  • 8th Floor, Table tennis room

    Shake, we have two kinds of pen and racket.

    8th floor table tennis room usage fee 1 unit 60 minutes 600 yen(Tax Excluded)

    Racquet etc are rented at the front desk
  • 7th floor, Banquet Hall〔Dining Hall〕

    Meal at the chair table seat
  • 5th floor, Multipurpose Hall "Eagle"

    5th floor multipurpose hall "Eagle" wide ... 70 tsubo

    Available as a dance hall or conference hall (up to 75 people)

    There is also a day to open as a karaoke club at night.

    For the use of the dance hall, you can use the 70 tsubo dance hall for private use.
    By advance reservation Weekday from 13 o'clock to 17 o'clock use ¥ 30,000 tax excluded, additional time fee etc. Request inquiries.
    About the use of the conference room (Please inquire the price beforehand, please apply.)
    We can accommodate up to 75 people.

    We can prepare at lunch (bowl / lunch box) 2,000 yen tax excluding, depending on your request.(Reservation required)
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Hotel Name

Yugawara Onsen, Hotel Toyoko


226-70 Izumi, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



JR Tokaido Main Line Yugawara Station Use the bus to "Ochiai Bridge" and get off at 10 minutes on foot.(There is a shuttle bus to the bus stop)

Pick-up presence (condition)
【Pick up bus stop "Ochiai Bridge"】
JR Yugawara Station Route Bus Terminal 2, take a bus to the hot springs bus for about 10 minutes, 210 yen one way, get off the bus stop "Ochiai Bridge".We will pick you up if you can call us from the bus stop.(Telephone 0465-62-4141)
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Hotel Toyoko Official mascot "Chi-bou" LINE stamp

  • Chi-bou ~ hot spring hot springs ~ Hokkori stamps!

    Chi-bou by Kanagawa Prefecture Ninomiya town illustrator "Satoko" Mr. design

    Yugawara Onsen Yugawara Ryokan Toyoko Official Mascot "Chi-bou".
    Shonan Blue Pop's illustration by Satoko appeared in the LINE stamp.
    Have fun using the memories of the trip!
  • The second LINE stamp! , Chi-bou ~ Panda Staying Night ~

    Osaka's illustrator "Kazumi Otsuki" designed by Chi-bou

    Yugawara Onsen Ryokan Hotel Toyoko Official mascot "Chi-bou" 2nd bullet!
    This time, "Collaboration stamp with Panda message" appeared!
    Enjoy a traveling pack full stamp☆

Check tourist information of Yugawara Onsen

  • Tourist information news site of Yugawara Onsen

    When you come to Yugawara Onsen, please see "Yugawara walking way" beforehand.It is an information site useful for planning to go to Yugawara such as events, eating and drinking, sightseeing, accommodation, shopping.I'm posting stories with my local colleagues.

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